Beyond Words

Beyond Words
Tuesday April 01, 2008

Dear Alice,

I am the director of an organization in Israel called Beyond Words that runs programs to empower Arab and Jewish women to work for social change and Peace. We believe that a critical mass of empowered women is necessary to tip the balance towards nonviolent conflict resolution.

We need women who will raise their voices for their own and their children’s human rights and against the use of violence to solve our difficult political situation. Women who will be powerful enough to make sure their children are raised in an atmosphere of love, respect and acceptance so when they grow they will be able to relate to others in this way.

Our method is highly based on healing the childhood wounds that you speak about in your books and articles. We recently conducted research with 81 Arab women to assess our approach and found that it seems to be instrumental in empowering women. We are now finishing an article on this study and would like to quote an article you wrote within it. The name of your article is: Adolf Hitler: How Could a Monster Succeed in Blinding a Nation? We would need the date and place where it was published. Would you be able to send this to me?

Thank you for your amazingly wonderful work!!!
Nitsan Gordon – Giles, Director
The Beyond Words Organization

Women prevent the threads of life from being broken. The finest minds have always understood the peacemaking role of women. – Mikhail Gorgachev

Look at Google under ‘Alice Miller on Hitler.’