Betrayed by drugs and medication

Betrayed by drugs and medication
Wednesday June 21, 2006

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am an adult male, 58 years of age, as a child I was physically, sexually, emotionally abused by my mother and then by child care workers when I was removed from the home, my father was an alcoholic who spent most of his life in jail. During my life I have abused drugs, alcohol (greatly) and have been sexually addicted ( acting out in affairs, compulsively seeking something through sex).
I have been a member of NA and clean/sober for thirteen years listened to Bob Earl tapes, speaking at ACOA conferences, and really can identify, Mr. Earl referred to your books as well, I will read any that you might suggest.
During my life I have seen various therapist and they have helped but, I know there is more work to be done, a few years ago I began experiencing panic attacks and take Paxil for that disorder, I would rather not have to take any medications.
Wow! I sure poured out a load here.


AM: Try to read “The Body Never Lies” and the articles on this website.However, It is very hard to get to your authentic feelings as long as you try to manipulate them by using drugs and medication.