Electronic library Alice Miller

Electronic library Alice Miller
Wednesday September 13, 2006

Dear sirs:

Thanks so much for your work. I’m still studying the works of Alice Miller.
I teach poetry in the Santa Cruz County Mental Health System and am a public speaker. I have the opportunity to present a paper on Nurenberg, the trials, the people, the psychology leading up to the Nazi phenomena. I’d like to use many of the ideas of Alice Miller. Are there presentation papers in your electronic library on Alice Miller, her work, her visions ,, that I can study? When I have completed my paper, I will send you a copy along with a Power Point cd presentation.

Thanks again for your work. P.

You can use this website (articles, interviews, reader’s letters) and the books. On the website www.nospank.net you can read free Alice Miller’s book “For Your Own Good” that would certainly help you in your research on Nuremberg.