Age and change

Age and change
Saturday October 21, 2006

Dear Alice,

l am Reba Davis, age 74 and l live in West Texas near the city of Abilene, Tex. l too, am of German descent, raised here ‘ in the buckle of the Bible Belt’ as l humorously think of it. With all the inherent “poisonous pedagogy” of which you so accurately describe.
As of Jan. of this year after several years of deep depression l reached suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life. Although l had studiously and avidly searched for answers for the vast majority of my life, this year l came to realize through a wonderful councilor, Coy Pullara, that l had only used my intellect and had never dealt with my very abused child. Needless to say she is an advocate of all your teachings and acquainted me with your wonderful books.
So, basically my ramblings are simply to say Thank You, Thank You!
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, ha! l’m living proof!
Again l say thank you for your courage, strength and persistence in educating the world to the truth!

Sincerely, R. D.

AM: Thank you for your letter. I am not surprised that you can change even after seventy because it is not the age that makes us change but the willingness to know the own history and the courage to recognize the causes that poisoned our lives.