Activities in Poland

Activities in Poland
Sunday May 13, 2007

Dear Mrs. Alice,

My name is T., Age 54. I’m writing form Poland , Warsaw . I’ve been recovering from my childhood trauma for nearly 15 years, or over twenty if to count my therapy without awareness of early trauma. Your books have been helping me throughout all this great time, starting with The Walls of Silence. I’m so grateful to you – grateful you live and work the way you do… Thanks to you I regained hope and have recommended your works to many other victims. Please accept this gratefulness from all our group of survivors of incest.

We meet each week at our self-help group (we rejected 12 steps and work with our set of guidelines based on our experiences and The Courage to Heal book). Since last two years we’re also work regularly at therapeutic workshops we lead; my partner Mary, the survivor of the same abuse, has recently graduated first stage of our therapeutic school (the awareness of incest and other forms of child abuse is very low there, we try to bring in the awareness in this society, meeting with its resistance, sadly & alas).

Last year we founded KONIEC MILCZENIA – The Association for Helping Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Recently we managed to make our internet pages – first take to be gradually broadened: May we ask you, dear Alice, to send us, please, the net links you know to interesting resources – articles, authors, scientific researches, etc.? Especially something more about researches you mention in your book The Body Never Lies, about links between mental disorders like schizophrenia and early trauma Olivier James – or the interview of 17000 elderly people in San Diego (How to Change Gold into olow?)

We want to share we found very interesting Jennifer Freyd’s works on the betrayal trauma and disorders like ADHD 20002. I wonder if she’s the daughter of the couple who founded this horrible FMS Foundation?… It seems probable…

And one more thing, we dare to: May we ask you to be the honorable member of our Association KONIEC MILCZENIA?

Sincerely and with love, T. W. and M. Z.

AM: Thank you for your letter. I opened your website and was impressed by your serious engagement and skillful organization of the material you want to pass on to others. This is hard work, I know, most people want to avoid knowing about what their body knows but what their consciousness has deeply repressed and denied. So it is not easy to talk to them about abusive childhoods. However, sooner or later, their lives will force them to confront their truth and then – if not yet misled by pharmacy – they will benefit from your website, doubtlessly. I wish you much courage to continue your important work for the truth.