Help finding AM friendly psychologist

Help finding AM friendly psychologist
Wednesday January 03, 2007

Hi Alice. My name is Trina Harris I have recently read your devastating yet totally eye opening book, For Your Own Good. I desperately want to find out what I am unconsciously doing to my own children. I have never believed in spanking, although I was spanked in my childhood and my husband was as well, but now suspect that any unconscious anger and frustration in myself and my husband are negatively impacting my children.

Can you please let me know how I can find a Seattle, WA, USA psychologist who subscribes to the same beliefs as you? In my insurance provider list there are over 500 psychologists listed close by and the few I’ve checked via Google don’t seem to mention anything about your philosophy. I hope you are not a needle in the haystack.

I greatly appreciate you help and your book -> which has really impacted my life.

T. H.

You should read the FAQ-List if you are looking for a therapist. We don’t have any names to provide.