The Emperor has NO CLOTHES

The Emperor has NO CLOTHES
Tuesday April 15, 2008

Dear Alice,

As a baby and child I was a victim of continuous physical punishment. Living under a 24 hour threat of being beaten by adults claiming to care for me. I was born in 1946.

I now realize my father was a sadist. His ritualistic and pre-planned buttock-canings often took place whilst walking our dog in the countryside. He invited my sister who is 2 years younger than me to participate. She was then between 5 and 9 years old.
Female and male teachers at my boarding school continued similar practices. Several of them were also sexually motivated.

By the age of 16 I was thoroughly fascinated with the sexual side of corporal punishment. I was delighted to find magazines etc. which showed my I was not alone in this world. Throughout my life I involved several of my adult partners, by mutual consent, in accurately re-enacted scenarios. All this quite contradictory to my otherwise gentle and non-violent behaviour. I had no compulsion nor desire to inflict ANYTHING of this sort on my 3 children who are now adults and my good friends.

I found your books in 1996 and read them all. It was then that the pieces of my JIGSAW fell into place.

Since then I have dedicated a good deal of my time to campaigning for the ABOLISHMENT of ALL physical punishment of babies and children in the UK. I work with groups such as the NSPCC and CAU (Children Are Unbeatable Alliance). Though I have withdrawn from personal sexual relationships, I still am fascinated by the FANTASY sexual side of corporal punishment as displayed all over the internet and elsewhere.
Though this seems inconsistent with my campaigning – it is precisely because of MY obsessions that I am doing what I can to protect future generations from such abuses.


My question: The link between violence used against the child and violence in adult society should be pretty obvious to any person. Statistics show that the USA, UK etc have higher levels of violent crime, addictions, prison population than those countries who protect their children from assault.

It seriously worries me whether the “powers that be” in the UK and USA etc. REALLY want a reduction in violent crime. Whether they REALLY want people to treat each other with respect rather than contempt. United we stand – divided we fall apart. At present there is so much repetitive physical assault amongst those who have EVERY REASON to behave as BROTHERS and SISTERS that it keeps us from noticing, maybe, that The Emperor has NO CLOTHES.
That the political and government systems are corrupt [ eg The Iraq War ].


Lots and lots of love, M. L.

From the team: Thank you for your important thoughts that show a poignant connection.