Therapist in Mexico City?

Therapist in Mexico City?
Friday July 13, 2007

Dr. Miller:

Hello, my name is J. L. and i am from Mexico City. I have read your books and I totally agree with you with the way to see the handling of the therapy and what there is to solve. I was, like many others mistreated in the childhood.

The reason why I am writing to you is the following one:

I have been going to therapies for some years ( 7 or 8). It enchants to me to take therapy that is why I am preparing myself to be a psychologist one day. The reason by which I knew the room of therapy is that I am addict to chemical substances (nowadays I am addict in recovery). I am very interested in solving conflicts of my childhood. I would like to find a lovely and comprehensive therapist. When attending therapies I have run into diagnoses, theories, aggressions but lately I have put myself to read and to reflect alone. The last therapist I was with, is a very prepared person but something happens, I have felt attacked and I do not trust him anymore. I have fear of him, to tell him something because I feel he does not value my feelings. My question is what to do if he is supposed to be the best therapist in Mexico. Now it costs work to find another one in whom I can trust because they are shielded in theories and diagnoses. I don’t know what to do and you can understand it costs work to me to trust such things that had happened to me.

And of course I would like to find someone like you but I know it is very complicated but I am sure you can suggest me something.

I really appreciate your attention and also want to thank you for answering my doubts and for being such a beautiful person.

With love, J. L.

Thank you.

AM: We don’t have any lists of therapists, most of them don’t agree with me anyway. But you can read on the page “article” my FAQ list that can help you to find a therapist who may be suitable for you.