My younger sister and brother

My younger sister and brother
Saturday December 23, 2006

Dear Professor Miller
Thank you very much for your reply!!
I have a younger sister (10 years old) and a younger brother (13 years old).
My brother has already some very serious mental problems (compulsions, obsesions and sadistic behaviour). The only proper option that now I can think of, is to bring the case of my parents for prosecution, in order to take away from them they parental rights. I know that this will not be easy, but I have to try.
(I’ve found another clue in your response to someone else. Yes, my mother demanded love from me and she passed on to me this huge guilt about her unsuccessful marriage and life.)
I will attempt to write down the whole picture of my family and to lay this against my parents (especially father but not only). Life under constant threat of death, mental and physical violence, demanding absolute obediance and submission, perverse punishments, manipulations and sexual abuse, the remembrance of which I had to suppress.
I have to try to rescue my sister and brother, don’t you agree?
Once again thank you for your answer!

AM: Yes, I fully agree. And don’t forget yourself!