from lorraine

from lorraine
Monday September 03, 2007

Can you feel the FEAR of your RAGE?

lorraine: Thank you for responding quickly to a vulnerable and time sensitive letter. I am aware of terror, of rage, of extreme grief and that my body is channeling this instead of emoting.

I am hearing that you are mirroring that you sense that I am caught in fear of my rage. please let me know it this is accurate.

AM: I think that you have always wanted to be good and human and to decrease or even undo the pain your siblings had to suffer, to create humanity where your parents created horror. This may have given you the strength to survive with self-respect; it was the source of your self-esteem. But the very small Lorraine had also to suffer terribly and nobody was there to hold her and to tell her: they are sadistic with you TOO, they don’t deserve your love, your compassion and your understanding, all this is poisoning your body and hinders you to have TRUE compassion for the small girl who always had to be tough and help others, without any complaints. It is time for her rebellion.