The denied history of once endured mistreatment

The denied history of once endured mistreatment
Thursday December 29, 2005

Dear Alice,
I wished to thank you for your work and make a request.
I happen to have a bookstore in Santa Cruz Ca. and am also the book buyer.
I have worked with your books with my therapist for 20 years.
I was so happy to see the new title “your body never lies” but was dissapointed that it seemed to spend more time convincing the reader than helping the reader find that very truth that heir own body had to offer. I and others desperatly need that book to be written.
I have suffered from 8 years of really horrible daily pain in my body that doctors can not find at all. The pain responds to questions but remains secretive and sometimes hostile.
I pray that the answers will come some day, yours in service, david

AM: The answers to your questions are in all my articles written in the last time and in the last two interviews given recently, as well as in my letters to the readers concerning their fears to question their parents. The body suffers deeply from the history of once endured mistreatment as long as this history remains emotionally inaccessible or simply denied.