Thursday October 11, 2007

Thank you for answering.

What I mean is that what to do if one has an “inner” parent that will not allow you to feel trust? That is, if your true feelings are blocked by the parent that you have within so that you shall not find your way. A parent who does not want you to trust somebody which in turn would set you free. A parent that controls what to feel and not. In this case it gets very difficult to cope with the arcaic fear…

But maybe it is very difficult to understand that it actually is possible to be terrorized/controlled by a parent so you are not free to go and make use of an enlightened witness. Even so, I think this can be true for many people, and many will not even search for help.
I remember having read Stettbacher and also books of Dr. Miller where she points to the problem of having experienced traumas where the child is not allowed to SEE what her parents are really like, let alone feel something. As an adult this reality is still alive, one is manipulated to NOT see/feel the truth and sometimes it also could be dangerous for the child to see it.

Regards, N. P.

AM: It WAS dangerous, but it no longer is. This we can learn in a good therapy. Have you read my FAQ list?