Question about Drama of the Gifted Chil

Question about Drama of the Gifted Chil
Monday August 20, 2007

Hello. I read Alice’s book YEARS ago and one thought stuck in my mind, though it has become a little fuzzy by now. I remember an astounding statement that she made with regard to; once the perpetrator goes back to the original crime, say molestation, of which he was victim, and FEELS and moves the original pain, perpetration stops. And I remember the importance of a victim having a supporting witness to their pain when they were children, thus avoiding the horror of compulsive perpetration for the rest of their lives. Are you aware of any programs that utilize these concepts for the purpose of “curing” sexual predators? The reason I’m asking is because it seems to be such a sad shame that men are having to bear the burden of being “suspect” when they are around children these days.

I’d love to get the exact statements and validation of my memory. Is my memory correct?

And finally, THANKYOU to Alice for her insight and care. Her words have impacted my life and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of The Body Never Lies.

Sincerely, F. R.

AM: You can read the introduction to my book Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, I wrote there about such a program.