Friday April 23, 2010

Dear readers,

It is with immense sorrow that I have to communicate that Mrs. Alice Miller died, she left us on April 14th, 2010. In these lines she wanted to tell everybody her utmost gratidude for all the hearty and encouraging letters she received during her last days of her life, granting the respective honours to her literal works.

Alice Miller is not among us anymore but she will always be remembered by her considerable literal works and also in the web you will be able to call her website should you need any advice or want to continue specific research.

There is not any doubt that Mrs. Alice Miller’s greatest wish in her life was that everybody does fully understand that maltreating a child has a disastrous impact on his future life and finally will reflect negatively on the entire society.

Alice, thank you very much indeed for having sacrificed a considerable part of your life with your outstanding literature, we will always take into special consideration your studies and are convinced that they are a very essential heritage for our future.

Brigitte Oriol